Our True Colours

A Collage of Four Women’s Stories

Our True Colours: A Collage of Four Women’s Stories is the outcome of a creative media project that brought together a group of women from refugee backgrounds to explore life narratives using visual arts and participatory video. The video explores the women’s past experiences and dreams for the future, and is a celebration of their strength, tenacity and grace. It shows just what it takes to reinvent yourself in a new land after an experience of forced migration, and invites us to reflect on what this may mean for those of us who are here in Australia already.

Our True Colours: A Collage of Four Women’s Stories is therefore a conversation starter, and this website is a place where the conversation can take place. We would love to hear your thoughts, so post a message or request a postcard to participate in our postcard wall, and show us your true colours!

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  • 7 May 2014

    Congratulations, It is a very emotional video, important sharing… expressing the pain, the dreams, experiences with Art (in this case with collage) is the best way to open the heart and start again more positive. All the best :-)
    Gestalt Art Therapy Centre- Brisbane (www.gestaltarttherapy.com)

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