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Is Love in the Air as Unexpected Romance Blooms Between Elozonam and Diane | Watch Out

Written by Jude Adeifa

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It has been three months since Valentine’s Day, but it seems love is still in the air. And Cupid seems to have shot the arrow of love at the two people we did not expect it to get, Elo and Diane!

Recently, the pair was caught in what seemed to be a very cosy position. The viral picture has gotten many fans engaged, as it seems their wish is finally coming true. Although it seems they do not want us to find out about them yet, we wait, but we are curious!

A lot of Nigerians once shipped them while they were still in the BBNaija house, and who can blame them? Elo and Diane would make quite the couple. We could feel the tension from the screens we watched them on.

Which leads us to ask: What happened to them outside the house? Why are they back together now? Did they finally see that they were meant for each other like we did? Is the ship finally going to sail? Is this a new movie script?
There are so many questions with few answers that, unfortunately, only they can tell us what’s happening. Until then, we can only wait and see.

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