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Chinedu Iroche Chats with Nnenna Onyewuchi in New Episode of “Crushing On My Girlfriends” Podcast

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Chinedu Iroche’s guest on this episode of the “Crushing On My Girlfriends” podcast is Nnenna Onyewuchi, also known as The Barefoot Strategist.

Nnenna, a marketing communications expert and the executive director at Yellow Brick Road, a creative solutions company, joins Chinedu for a conversation that unfolds with the both of them reminiscing about their times at work. They also discuss the unique challenges of running a business in Nigeria, particularly as a woman. Nnenna also shares her dreams of owning a farmland and much more.

Interestingly, Nnenna was once Chinedu’s boss before becoming like a sister to him.

Watch the full conversation here:

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