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Mums Just Want To Have Fun! Watch the “Mummy Mayhem” Pod with Nicole Chikwe & Feyi Bello

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Motherhood is a beautiful journey, but it can also be overwhelming. From pregnancies to parenting styles and techniques, and balancing everything in between, it often feels like a rollercoaster ride. Two millennial mums, Nicole Chikwe and Feyi Bello come together every week in their podcast, “Mummy Mayhem” to discuss everything about motherhood. They bring you into their wonderful, whimsical, and chaotic motherhood experience.

“Mummy Mayhem” is a space for open, honest, judgment-free, vulnerable, hilarious and educational conversations around motherhood, womanhood and sisterhood.

In their latest episode, Nicole and Feyi tackle the ever-present struggle of balancing being a great mum and wife with having some “me-time” for fun.

Watch it here:

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