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Grace and Ife’s Love Story Began With A Silent Birthday Prayer!

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Do you know what the perfect birthday present is? We bet if  Grace were to answer, her response would be ‘Love!’  Four years ago, she said a prayer on her birthday to meet ‘her person’ and Ife came along the very next day.

As they got to know each other better, they soon realised that their love had always been written in the stars. Now, they’ve embarked on a forever journey and you need no soothsayer to tell you that these two are smitten. Their pre-wedding photos are absolutely stunning… they are all you need for a bright and beautiful day. 😍

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

How we met
By the bride, Grace:

Ife and I grew up in the same church as kids, but never crossed paths. I was a shy kid so there weren’t any memorable friendships for me at the church. Well, except for a lovely chatty nine-year-old I met whose grandfather owned the yellow house close to church. During the few years, my family moved to a different church, I often remembered the yellow house and the girl who would later become my sister.

On my birthday in 2020, I received a message from a friend from my childhood church (which we have since returned to) that an “Ife Johnson” wanted my number. She was so sure I knew who she was referring to and she kept emphasizing the first name – last name to me. Assuring her I had never heard said name, I told her she could share my number with him since we were both part of the workforce of our church. “Hi in Jesus’ name” was the message that dug I and Ife’s chat out of the mess that became of my birthday inbox. And so it began. It’s completely wild that on the eve of my birthday, I had said a prayer “Lord send me my person” and God sent him the very next day.

In three years, I am married to the sweetest, most thoughtful man in the whole wide world – my person! An important highlight is this. One day, he took me to visit his family at his granddad’s, and I found myself on the inside of a yellow house. The one I often remembered as a child. It then clicked why I had an instant connection with Anjola, Ife’s sister. She was the lovely chatty nine-year-old girl. In hindsight, I’m grateful for God’s endless creativity in the affairs of his creation and in our lives.


Bride @graceey.thompson
Planner @crystalsbycheeevents
Photography @tosinjoshweddings


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