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Telande World’s Northern-Style Tomato Stew is Flavourful & Mouthwatering | Try It!

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Craving a hearty and flavorful stew? Look no further than Nigerian tomato stew. A favourite in almost every Nigerian home, it’s loved for its versatility and deliciousness. You can pair it with bread, rice, yam, plantain, potatoes, or even swallow. It can also be prepared with any protein of your choice, chicken, fish, turkey, beef, etc.

In this recipe, Telande World uses goat meat and makes the stew with a northern twist, using a unique blend of spices including black pepper, ginger, garlic, onions, oregano, and anise seeds to season the goat meat. She proceeds to fry it and create her delicious tomato stew.

After all is said and done, she pairs the stew with some hot white rice, shinkafa.

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