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Culture, Fashion & Business… Chioma Ikokwu Chats with Iyabo Ojo in New Episode of “Gold Room”

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“Every single year we went to the village in Anambra for Christmas. My dad made it compulsory. All family members, including my uncles, aunts, and cousins, would be there. Seeing everyone and laughing over palm wine, Abacha, seeing the masquerades – it all made me obsessed with the culture. And if Igbo culture is this interesting, then other cultures can be as well. It made me curious about people’s cultures and how they live.”

Chioma Ikokwu, aka, Chioma Good Hair loves culture. In this episode of the “Gold Room,” she shares how her passion for culture developed, along with her interests in fashion, business, and more, with the host, Iyabo Ojo.


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