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Need Bold & Chic Style Inspo for the Week? Check Out this One from Chinyere Chi-Chi Adogu

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It may be hard to imagine a trench coat looking good on its own, without the impressive art of layering, until you see one; a pro trick only stars like Chinyere “Chi-Chi” Adogu pull off.

Gather around, BellaStylistas. It’s time to pull up those styling notes:

Chi-Chi took New York City by storm with her bold and unapologetic style, wrapped in a vibrant yellow double-breasted trench coat, adorned with sleek black buttons. She’s a vision of confidence and endearing style amidst the urban chaos. With each step, she exudes an air of effortless cool, owning the bustling streets as her runway.

Pairing her statement coat with sleek black heels and a leather bag, Chinyere Adogu proves that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Her bohemian French curl tip braids from her brand Chi’s Luxe Braiding Hair added a touch of whimsy and individuality, while her dark shades lend an air of mystery and intrigue.

Standing tall and unapologetically herself, Chinyere is a beacon of self-expression and empowerment in the city that never sleeps. With her unique blend of style and attitude, she effortlessly captures the attention of all who cross her path, leaving an indelible mark on the concrete jungle she calls home.


BellaStylista: @the_real_chi

Hair: @chisluxebraidinghair

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