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“Without Adaptability, Nothing Else is Possible” Meg Juma on the “Road to Success” Podcast

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Sitting pretty for this episode of the “Road To Success” podcast with TheLadyMayowa, is Meg Juma, who moved to Dubai on a whim with 13 dollars to her name, leading her on the path many Africans find themselves towing as immigrants in the UAE.

However, unlike many who are yet to get unstuck, Meg took bold little steps from her post as a hotel concierge staff to becoming a career coach, helping women monetise their skills and grow in their chosen fields. In this episode, Meg emphasises the importance of adaptability, stating, “Without adaptability, nothing else is possible.”

Reflecting on her own experience, Meg reshapes traditional notions of success, while highlighting the importance of mindset, stating, “It’s not just about physical appearance, but about emitting positive energy and possessing a mindset that shapes your outlook on life.”

This episode is more than just a conversation; it’s a roadmap to success, a guide from someone who’s walked the path and emerged stronger.

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