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A Surprise Birthday Party + A Surprise Proposal! Check Out Cassandra & Yemi’s #BNBling

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Imagine planning to surprise someone, only to get to the location and find yourself utterly surprised instead! Yemi pulled a fast one on Cassandra and we love how it turned out!

Just when she thought she had planned the perfect surprise birthday party for him, she ended up being shocked with the sweetest proposal! Surrounded by their loved ones, Yemi went down on one knee and asked the lady who had stolen his heart to marry him. Of course, It was a resounding ‘Yes’! Now, here we are, drooling over their love as we take in all the beauty of their #BNBling moment.

Enjoy their proposal photos and love story below:


How we met
By the bride-to-be Cassandra:

We attended the same university and met for the first time in 2014. I was with a male friend at a photoshoot on a Saturday afternoon in my faculty and he tapped my arm and told me to look at the “Fresh”, Tall, good-looking model. I’ll never forget that I thought he was the most good-looking man I had ever seen. He was in his final year and I was in my first. In 2016, we went on our first date at my favourite ice cream place and I was so smitten lol, but I was about to get into my final year and I wasn’t ready for a committed relationship.


Fast forward to 2019/2020, we and a few other guys that went to uni together became much closer and started spending more time together and I was like one of the boys, but in all of these, it was clear that something was still there, even our friends teased about it. It just wasn’t the right timing and we were never in the same headspace. In December 2020, I moved to the island and was staying down the road from the boys so I saw them ever so often. Finally, in June 2021, he asked if he could take me on a date (I remember being super giddy about this and not being able to sleep for days) and we started this relationship properly then, and it has been amazing.


Here’s How Yemi Popped the question:

I had been planning his 30th birthday surprise dinner for months because I wanted it to be perfect, he really deserved it. A few weeks to the birthday dinner, his younger sister convinced him to propose earlier and hinted that I was planning something for him and it would be a wonderful way to surprise me. I started to suspect literally all my friends because I’m able to pick on the tiniest detail but he managed to sell me another story about some other event happening on his birthday (the surprise party was set for the day before) and I believed he would propose on his actual birthday instead. We got to the venue of the surprise dinner, with all of our friends that I had invited for his birthday waiting. Just that this time, they were waiting for me and I ended up being the surprised one. It was so smart and absolutely amazing. I was completely gobsmacked.



Proposal Planning, coordination and decor @the.jobaoguntola | @themelxperience
Birthday planning and coordination @pasheda @ame.experience
Location @thespacestudiong | @socialspaceng
Videography @oyindaskodakjournals
Catering @bojskitchen_

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