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Bianca and Williams Were Meant To Be! Enjoy Their Beautiful Pre-wedding Shoot

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They say when two hearts are destined for each other, everything aligns to bring them together and we can’t agree more. Bianca and Williams‘ journey has been one of beautiful discoveries.

They met for the first time at the university seven years ago, Unknowingly to them, their paths had crossed paths in the online world a while back. Over the years, they’ve been bound by the threads of chance encounters until one fateful day when Williams spontaneously asked Bianca to be his girlfriend. Now, this seemingly simple action has led them to the brink of forever. They sure make a cute couple and we are super stoked for them!

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:


How we met
By the bride, Bianca:

In 2017, at the University of Nigeria Enugu campus, fate intertwined as I just crossed over. Williams, whom I’d been unknowingly following on social media, coincidentally crossed paths with me during his clearance. A chance encounter turned into a playful exchange on Twitter. Fast forward to 2019, a car ride deepened our bond. In 2021, his beard caught my eye on Instagram, sparking playful banter. After a generous gesture, he surprised me by suggesting I see him as my boyfriend. In disbelief, I asked, “Just like that?” His reply: “Yes, just like that.” Three delightful years later, We’re choosing to spend the rest of our life together and we will do it over and over again.



Bride @b_yancah
Planner @theeventgods
Photography @lucasugoweddings

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