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Love at Second Sight! Ademide Said Yes To Her Soulmate, Oyekanmi

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Have you ever heard of ‘love at second sight?’ If you haven’t, Ademide and Oyekanmi’s sweet story is your cue not to write out on love because you didn’t feel a spark the first time.

As you can guess, Cupid struck the second time they met during a bowling game. Ademide made quite an impression on Oyekanmi and this made him eager to get to know more about her. He was completely sold out after tasting a home-cooked meal she prepared for him after she lost a bet. He planned a romantic proposal where he asked the lady who had stolen his heart (and stomach) to be his forever. Of course, she said ‘Yes’ and it’s butterflies on this end. Their proposal photos are nothing short of beautiful and we are super excited for them.

Enjoy their proposal photos and love story below:


How we met
By the groom, Oyekanmi:

Our first meeting wasn’t anything special. During an important exam period, I gave her an underwhelming greeting, which would unknowingly lead to my first nickname of “sleepy giant.” Our second meeting was a little more memorable. A family game of bowling, bringing out the competitive side in us. Being the gentleman I am, I offered to pay for the outing, but this lady refused to send her account details.  Back in Glasgow and now 370 miles away, I could have forgotten about that encounter, but there was something about her that I couldn’t let go of. Months later, I was presented with a choice. Take a job in my city, or one just 20 minutes away from her – You can guess what I chose. See – love makes you do funny things.


From there, it was truly a thrilling ride. The way this lady drives is not for the faint of heart. Now just 15 miles away, I used every opportunity to see her. Booking haircuts in her town, planning dates and exploring new cities, anything to spend time with her. She would plan to spend 2 hours with me, and the whole day would pass. We could sit in the car and talk the day away. We didn’t have to be doing anything; spending time with each other was enough.


I won a bet and requested my prize be a home-cooked meal, so she prepared smoky jollof rice, spicy suya, and plantains. After this one, my heart (and stomach) were taken. Within 3 months of moving, I already knew (and told her) she would be my wife, but she was still doing shakara for me. After a lot of wooing, I asked her to be my woman, and she accepted. We were both very happy. Since then, like any couple, we have had highs and lows. This lady, her wahala is plenty, but there is no lady’s wahala that I want but hers, and it’s the same for her. We truly are each other’s person. After months of planning, coordinating, and some grey hairs, I got down on one knee and proposed to my lady in the wet, horrible UK weather, and she said YES!







Photography and Videography@sunnysinghmedia

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